DST Recant

Okay, much as I hate DST, I must admit I also hate the 5:00 darkness that comes with CST. Exiting into darkness from the office at quitting time makes it feel like the day has ended and there’s nothing left but eat something and go to bed. Of course, millennials and younger wouldn’t even notice the darkness as they exited the office with thoughts of meeting up at their crowd’s favorite watering hole for buffalo wings, inebriation and karaoke. I sort of remember being that way at their age. I wonder if I should tell them what they have to look forward to when they pass the age 65 mark? Nah! They probably wouldn’t believe me.

Revving in Neutral

You’ve heard this: the hurrier I go the behinder I get. I really need to use my time more efficiently. This is something technology was going to do for us. But, as I often lament, technology (computers, in particular) seems to rob me of more time than it saves me. Which is why I particularly enjoyed this cartoon.

Gone Phishin’

I have a couple of favorite web hosting companies. One is the Fine Folks at TextDrive, another is the Happy Folks at DreamHost. Periodically, and perhaps with greater frequency as time marches on, I’m sorely tempted to hang up the shingle and take up “webmastering”. Then, I might have the time to spend the amount of time I’d like to spend reading the newsletters and blogs these hosters put out. Generally, they are both entertaining and educational in more ways than one. Alas, I barely find the time to skim their offerings.

The latest DreamHost newsletter was, however, very brief, so decided I had some time to click the link to the DreamHost Blog and check it out. The latest article was entitled “Phishing Phor Phishers“. It could be said it has nothing to do with oil and gas law, although some might say phishers and oil promoters are cut from the same cloth. Here, I’m obliged to interpose that I’ve assisted several oil clients with the documentation for private offering drilling and development programs, all of which were entirely above board and legit. Still, oil people don’t have a reputation that would be considered much of an improvement over that of lawyers or car salesmen (I was, through social training, about to write “salespersons” but, on reflection, I’ve never really heard anyone suggest that a female car seller was dishonest; the typical slimy car salesman is always pictured as a male).

The blog article and comments thereon did touch upon “law” topics, though, so it’s not really off-topic for a lawyer’s blog. One thing I found amazing was the number of comments to this article, in less than a day. What a readership! Ordinarily, I find it pretty much impossible to wade through dozens upon dozens of comments following a popular blog article. In this case, however, the number of useful, insightful, or entertaining comments held my attention to the end (though I’ll admit skimming a few as I gained momentum). So, for anyone who’d like an entertaining, useful and educational read on phishing, there it is!

I’ve mentioned The Scout Report in an earlier article. This time, I’ve covered the current issue over at the Chappells Blog.