End of an Era

A long-time (over 30 years) client and friend opined recently that the oil industry in Eastern Kansas, possibly Western Kansas, as well, is on its death bed. He sees no hope of recovery. A few hardy souls might eke out a modest living, but the industry will never see the kind of activity that drove it in the past. Even if the price of oil can recover, the industry cannot. I had arrived at the same opinion myself, and several clients have been wondering how to get out without having to accept a fire sale price for everything they worked so hard to build up all these years. I expect they’ve missed the boat.

I intend to continue this article. I don’t have the complete article in my head yet, though. Since I don’t post very many articles, I decided the best way to motivate me to write this one would be to go ahead and publish the start of it. Don’t want to appear to be somebody who can’t finish things, right?